Introducing Furcaster for Apple TV,
the cutest way to get the weather.

Come rain or shine, Furcaster is a real-time weather application guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you tune-in to check the weather, no matter how blustery the conditions are outside.

Harnessing the most accurate weather feeds in-market, Furcaster reflects the immediate conditions of the hour, plus the forecast for the day and week.

Perfect for families and the young at heart:

  • View accurate, real-time weather forecasts from around the world
  • Engaging, vibrant app brings the weather to life on your big screen through Apple TV
  • Great way to help kids learn about weather, prepare for trips and learn about climates across the globe
  • Stimulates curiosity and integrates learning seamlessly through the power of play with Flurry, your brand new furry weather friend
  • Leave Furcaster on, day or night, for the most soothing weather backdrop that reflects real-time weather conditions. From the sounds of birds joyously chirping in the sun to the rolling thunder of a late-night storm, Furcaster's unique ambient soundscapes will allow you to enjoy the harmony of nature from the comfort of your living room
  • Forecasts provided by Weather Underground
  • Advertising free!